Al Gore Tweets Story About Year of Plenty and Spokane Churches Going Green

OMG, I just got tweeted by Al Gore. I've never actually typed "OMG" on a text or a blog or a tweet, but I figured this was the occasion to seize the day and give it a shot.

Turns out Al Gore, with over 2 million twitter followers just tweeted the New York Times Story about Spokane pastors and churches going green, which includes the church I pastor and our work with the Millwood Farmers' Market.

@algore: A new trend – Green Pastors:

I realize I'm on the edge of sounding like a narcissistic, vainglorious publicity hound at this point, so I promise this will be the last time I mention this whole hubbub with the New York Times. Promise.

But I do reserve the right to wear my "I got tweeted by Al Gore" T-shirt on occasion.