"Fed Up With School Lunch" - Teacher Eats and Chronicles a Year of School Lunches

RibbqAn anonymous Teacher, Mrs. Q, is so fed up with school lunches she is courageously "Eating school lunch just like the kids every day in 2010", taking pictures and describing the experience on a blog.

Pictured to the left is the famed Rib-a-cue that I encountered at my daughters' school last year.

It's a great project with some intrigue. She wrote recently:

"Now I'm feeling majorly exposed. I could absolutely lose my job overthis. In just the first ten days of school lunches I've gotten a bigger response than I expected. It makes me nervous.

Most teachers do feel the same way that I do about the lunches served in the building. So that's reassuring. We've all discussed the lunches and how bad they are in passing. Then we go back to teaching. No one has done much.

I'm not a hero, but I am a whistleblower. But instead of calling a "tip line," I've shouted it to thousands of people. Oops"

School lunch "whistleblower," I love it. Best of luck Mrs. Q. Here's an email interview she did with Mother Nature Network.