Inlander "Best Of 2010" Open for Voting

The Inlander has opened their Best of 2010 contest for voting here. I've never voted in the contest before so I was a little surprised at the format. They give you the whole slate of things to vote on and then out of those you have to vote on 50 of them. It's actually stretching my knowledge of events in the Spokane area. Best Play of 2010? Anyone? Best outdoor music festival? Maybe I just don't get out enough.

Here are some suggestions to help you fill out your slate of 50:

Best Farmers' Market - Millwood

Best Bakery and Locally Owned Coffee Shop - Rocket

Best Bread - Arabesque

Best Coffee Roaster - Roast House (They're new and could use the publicity)

Best Yoga Studio - Mellow Monkey

Best Outdoor Gear - Mountain Gear

Best Mexican Food - Deleon

Best Spa - Mosaic

Best Pizza - South Perry Pizza

Alas, there is not a best local blogger category this year. The deadline is Feb. 23.