Atticus Coffee Shop in Downtown Spokane a Pleasant Surprise


I've lived most of my life near world class urban centers - Seattle, Los Angeles, and Houston and the one thing I miss living in Spokane is the grittiness and vitality of a big vibrant downtown. Downtown Spokane has its charms though.

My wife and I spent the night at the Davenport last night for a birthday celebration and we had a great time and I was pleasantly surprised on a morning walk to stop by Atticus Coffee Shop and Gifts. It was open early and has a cozy feel to it. They have coffee beans from several local roasters on tap, including Doma and Roast House. They also have a sampling of baked goods from local bakeshops like the Rocket. They also have a nice selection of gifts.

It's owned by the same folks that run Boo Radleys just down the corner from this location. Thanks for making an early morning stroll in downtown Spokane more pleasurable.