Live Blogging My Fridge's Dairy Products Via New Web Site: Where's My Milk From?

Found this great new site (via GOOD) that allows you to type in the number on your milk jug and determine where the product came from.

I typed in the numbers on our gallon of milk from the fridge and sure enough - it's from Spokane. It even shows what other products are made at the Darigold plant in Spokane. I sure wish we had this available two year's ago when it took the skills of an investigative reporter to source our milk.

This doesn't guarantee that the milk is from a nearby cow. Milk flows like a commodity and Darigold is a huge company. If you want a guarantee go with Spokane's Family Farm.

Now let me try it with Albertson's butter...Darnit! It's from Tulare, CA

OK, this is getting interesting. What other dairy products do I have in the house?

Challenge Butter. Let's try this one. Foiled again! Greenwood Wisconsin. We have really fallen off the local wagon. Let's pause for a sentimental moment to remember that year where we made our own butter from local cow milk.

OK, what's next? Albertsons light yogurt, and the snazzy new web app saaaays - Fullerton, CA, right next to Disneyland. The carbon footprint of my fridge is really feeling self conscious at this point.

In case you're wondering, it's true, I am actually live blogging all ofthe dairy in my refrigerator. I know it's riveting stuff, so let's move on to the Darigold Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese. - Seattle. That's better.

Western Family Half & Half, - Portland Oregon. I can live with that.

Mountain High Yogurt - Engelwood, CO. They don't call it Mountain High for nothing.

Doesn't appear to work with ice cream, cheese or other dairy products.

It's a fair question at this point to ask if maybe I don't have better things to do on a Monday night; like say finishing a dissertation or writing a book. I hear that and I promise, I'm about to get productive, but let me conclude by highly recommending this "Where's My Milk From?" site for those looking for ways to avoid doing things like finishing a dissertation or writing a book.