First Wildflowers of the Season

We've got an ongoing project in the Goodwin house of photographing and chronicling all the native wildflowers of the Inland Northwest. We got a late start last year but were able to photograph and identify over 100 flowers. I have another year under my belt learning my camera and Noel now has a camera to help so we're excited to get more and better pictures this spring and summer. We'll also get the wildflower blog updated with all of our flowers.

I was shocked today to find out that the wildflower season, is upon us. It's got to be be one of the earliest ever. Here are today's finds not too far from a nearby Nez Perce Indian burial ground.

Buttercup: The first pic is a buttercup with rounded overlapping leaves and the one below it has different shaped leaves.



Woodland Star:


Whitlow Grass: