Moosicorn Ranch: A New Inland Northwest Experiment in Sustainability

There must be some balance in the universe thing going on because just as sustainability celebrity Tofu Phil moves to the west side of the state, Alex and Scott, artisans of the sustainable kind are starting an experiment north of Spokane called Moosicorn Ranch. Here's how they describe it:

This is an experiment in life and living for us.  We want to treat theearth responsibly but there will be compromises and balance in the path we seek.  We are beginning modestly with the Barn/House.  And as our first structure, it is what it is: a hybrid between production building techniques coupled with some ideas for what we believe make it a fairly ecologically responsible building.  As the experiment progresses, we will embark on developing cottages for others to share in this experiment with us, that will fit much tighter standards for sustainable/green building.  We will then be planting organic gardens (once we learn how), installing solar panels and wind turbines (once we can afford them), and hosting visitors (once we have learned enough to share).  We want to show the practicality and pragmatism of the life we’re going for, so we’re going to try and make this experiment as transparent as possible.  This means from the purchase and sale of the land to the construction invoices we are going to publish everything we learn along the way, and fortunately we’re gaining help from a myriad of wonderful people we’re meeting along this journey.

Go check out their web site and give them a welcome.