Introducing the Pumpkin Patch Community Garden


We've been working on getting a community garden going in the west valley of Spokane for awhile and it looks like we're on target to get it started this Spring. Here's the scoop:

In the early 1980's, Elmer Williams started apumpkin patch on the vacant lot on the southeast corner of Argonne Rd. and Maringo, overlooking the Spokane River. Elmer tended the garden for many years and when he moved, Bob Critchfield picked up the mantle and carried on the tradition of the pumpkin patch. Young people in the West Valley of Spokane grew up with fond memories of their annual trip to the lot to wander the field and pick out their special pumpkin. In 2004 when the Argonne Bridge was widened, the pumpkin patch was abandoned to accommodate the construction and shortly after that Mr. Critchfield passed away. The lot has been vacant ever since.

This spring and summer members of the community are banding together to re-establish the pumpkin patch at its historic location along with adding individual community garden plots, and a native wildflower border. Organizers hope in the future to also grow row crops to benefit Second Harvest's Plant a Row for the Hungry program.

Along with building on the rich tradition of the site, the Pumpkin Patch Community Garden will help families and schools educate children about fresh healthy foods and provide a venue for people to learn organic gardening practices. It will provide a place and project for strengthening community relationships and turn a vacant lot into a beautiful, productive piece of land.

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