Weekend Linkorama: Freeway to Farm, Happy Meal Age Defying Face Cream & More

The McDonalds Happy Meal is ageless - no decay on the shelf after a year. I wonder if people will start making age defying face creams from Happy Meals, kind of like those melons from some obscure village in Italy that have natural preserving powers. Some serious brand extension possibilities there for McDs.

A freeway is turned into a farm. Yes San Francisco, we know you're way greener and groovier than the rest of us. You don't have to rub it in.

Study shows three core family practices that help fight obesity.

A new national study suggests that preschool-aged children arelikely to have a lower risk for obesity if they regularly engage in one or more of three specific household routines: eating dinner as a family, getting adequate sleep and limiting their weekday television viewing time.

In a large sample of the U.S. population, the study showed that 4-year-olds living in homes with all three routines had an almost 40 percent lower prevalence of obesity than did children living in homes that practiced none of these routines.

The Inlander "Best of..." results are in. Spokane picked Starbucks for best coffee shop, Red Robin for best hamburger and Azteca for best Mexican. At least Taco Bell only got second in the "cheap eats" category. Come on Spokane. San Francisco is turning freeways into farms and we can't get enough of 90's Mall food court culture. Cleveland is turning their mall food courts into greenhouses and we're doubling down on refried beans at Azteca. Spokane Food Blog, take it from here.

On another note the Inlander has a new web site. Looks good.

Fed Up With Lunch teacher that is chronicling a year of school lunches that I reported on earlier in the year has gone viral.

Have a great weekend.

Picture: large wild Dandelion seed head with Arrowleaf Balsamroot in the background from last May.