Need to Visit Glacier National Park Before All the Glaciers are Gone

I've never been to Glacier National Park and I've heard it's just beautiful. My urgency in wanting to some day soon make a visit was increased yesterday when I saw a report that the park had just lost 2 more glaciers to warming temps and would soon be without any.

Glacier National Parkhas lost two more of its glaciers to climate change and many of the rest may be gone by the end of the decade, a government researcher said Wednesday.

Warmer temperatures have reduced the number of named glaciers in the northwestern Montana park to 25, said Dan Fagre said, an ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey.

Global warming has not been a prime topic on this blog. My approach to local food and consumption is mostly compelled by concerns other than carbon emissions. That being said, can we put an end to any such nonsense that somehow the climate is not warming. Regardless of why it is happening, if the glaciers and ice caps are melting than the climate is clearly warming. Is there something that I'm missing. Let's have open honest debates, based on good scientific evidence about why the climate is warming, but let's not fool ourselves. Maybe a good anchor of sanity in political debates can be the simple, soon to be reality, that Glacier National Park has no glaciers.