Year of Plenty Interviewed Today for NPR Show "Edible Idaho"

I had a great time chatting today with Guy Hand, a Boise based writer and reported, who does an NPR radio show called "Edible Idaho." He's prepping for a show on churches involved with community gardens, with the primary focus on Boise Vineyard's Garden O' Feedin.

I'll post a link to the story when it airs in a couple of weeks but I wanted to highlight the work that Guy is doing with his Northwest Food News site and radio show. He's a great follow on Twitter if you're trying to keep up with west coast food happenings and a good one to fan on Facebook as well. I had been wondering who was putting out all the great content on the site and now I know.

Guy said the radio show get's picked up around the northwest and sometimes beyond. Let's hope maybe NPR in Spokane broadcasts it.