South Perry Pizza is "A Piece of Heaven"

I'm experimenting with posting from my Iphone so you've been warned - expect even more typos and random apostrophes than usual.

I took the girls to South Perry Pizza last night for daddy-daughter night. I didn't realize that the Spokesman Review had a feature article on it in yesterday's Food section. I've been wanting to go for awhile and when it won best pizza in this year's Inlander I have felt somewhat obligated to support there amazing effort to keep Papa Murphys out of the number one spot. (I pledge to eat faithfully at any Mexican restaurant that can unseat Taco Bell in next year' contest.)

The restaurant was buzzing with conversation and even had a short wait. The waiter said that it was a pretty normal night for them. There were other families with kids and older couples out for dinner and single folk hanging at the bar. The open airy feel and the simplicity of the menu create a sense of participation for the diners in the flow of the kitchen from dough ball to old fashioned tossing to sliding it into the oven and finally plopping it on your table. I love to watch the kitchen in restaurants and you don't have to sit at the bar to do that at SPP.

The thin crust pizza was enjoyed by all but the highlight was the pizza oven warmed brownie with four dollops of homemade ice cream. Lily, my 8 year old, proclaimed mid mouthful, "This is a slice of heaven!"

Something tells me this will be a favorite destination for daddy daughter night. We've come a long way from McDonalds play place days.

Note: typing this on my Iphone has been like writing words with a pen in my mouth. Bring on the Ipad. Forget all that stuff I said last week about new stuff not making you happy. :)