Year of Plenty Passes 100,000 Page Views

I realized today that our little blog just passed the 100,000 lifetime page views milestone. That's pretty small potatoes as the internet goes but it does remind me of the joy of our family's journey over the last 2+ years and makes me grateful for those who have shared the journey in a whole variety of ways, including on this blog. Thanks for all the encouragement and insight.

Just as our story has evolved, the blog has evolved as well. There was a time where 10 posts in a month was a lot, but now I try to get something up daily. About a year ago the blog was picked up by the Down to Earth NW web site, a project of the Spokesman Review newspaper. There are some other exciting things in the works that I'll share more about in June.

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Below the fold is the first post ever made on the blog - the legendary (at least in our family) flamingo pinata/effigy beheading.

Making a Pinata - January 27, 2008

Pinata_1Birthday Parties have been one of the real challenges with our new rules. There aren't many kids toys produced in the Inland Northwest and there certainly aren't any pinatas. The benefit is that we are having to learn as a family how to make things we normally would buy. These pictures tell the story of learning to make a flamingo pinata. We got the idea here.


We didn't give it enough time to dry so when we popped the body balloon it deflated. I stuffed it with newspapers and we put the candy in the head, which was drier than the body. We didn't have time to decorate it so we slung it up by the neck and gave the kids a whack at it. Noel said it was the best part of the party.