View From Your Garden - North Carolina Veggies and Chickens

Below are pictures sent in by a reader from their central North Carolina garden. I have to say I'm a little jealous seeing that rich red soil and their row crops are already coming in nicely. Folks in southern climates sure do get a head start on those of us up north, but in more humid areas with long growing seasons they have more disease and pests to deal with. I notice in the picture that the basil is starting to go to seed with those long stalks at the top. One way to keep your basil producing tasty leaves all summer is to snip off the seed heads as they are forming. Some protection from the most intense heat of the sun also helps. I recommend inter-planting basil with tomatoes.

Nice job on the garden and coop Larry. Send me your pictures and garden descriptions as part of our View From Your Garden Series.

 Larry and the chickensweb

Larry veggie garden