City by City Infographic of Food & Drink Expenditures

This is a great infographic from the folks at bundle.

Infographic Food and Drink by City_hl_lg

...we examined major U.S. cities spending habits when it comes to groceries and restaurants. Of note:

• Austin, TX, residents spend almost twice ($6,301) the US annual average for dining out.
• In fact, five average Detroit households (the nation’s lowest spenders) can eat on one Austinite’s food budget.
• If Manhattan were its own city, it would be No. 1 for food spending ($13,079) and No. 1 for share of food budget spent on restaurants (59%).
• In Atlanta, dining out accounts for 57% percent of the city’s average total food and drink spending annually, the highest in the US and 28% higher than the US average.
• Denver residents allocate 22 percent of their daily spending to food, more than any other big city in the country.

Too bad Spokane didn't make the list as a "major U.S. city." I noticed Boise is on the list. For a breakdown of Spokane's spending go here.