Washington Named "Greenest" State In the Nation

The folks at Greenopia have namedWashington the greenest state in the nation in their recent rankings.

Environmental Positives:
Washington has better than average air and water quality according to data from the EPA and American Lung Association. Washington has a very good recycling rate at around 45%, and its state government has been very progressive in adopting environmental initiatives. Washington has a large number of green businesses and LEED buildings (ones that are both registered and certified), even when you scale them to its population. It is also one of the greener states in terms of its per capita emissions, energy consumption, and water consumption. Lastly, Washington is one of the top states in renewable energy sourcing.

Environmental Negatives:
The only negative thing is that we would like to see Washington utilize more renewable energy other than hydroelectric which make up the vast majority of its grid mix.