Local Food, Health and Year of Plenty on PBS Show "Health Matters"

Upriver Dam web

Picture: Upriver dam on the Spokane River taken last week.

This Thursday I'll be a guest on a TV show called "Health Matters". The once a month live call-in show is produced by Spokane's PBS affiliate, KSPS, with each show addressing a particular health issue. I will be one of four guests discussing the topic of healthy eating. I explained to the producer that I see issues of health and eating through the lens of local, seasonal food and she thought that sounded like a great perspective to have in the conversation. Here's how they describe the show's purpose;

We encourage the growing movement to improve the quality of life through better medical and health alternatives.

I wonder if the readers of this blog might be willing to chime in and offer some perspectives on the health benefits of local, seasonal eating. I'm going to pull together some of my thoughts and get up a post later in the week. How do you connect the dots between issues of health and food?

For a recent example of someone making the case you can go here.

Here's a Wendell Berry quote I posted in May that serves as a good starting place for me in thinking about food and health.

I believe that health is wholeness. For many years I have returned again and again to the work of the English agriculturist Sr Albert Howard who said, in The Soil and Health, that 'the whole problem of health in soil, plant, animal and man [is] one great subject.'

...I believe that the community - in the fullest sense; a place and all its creatures - is the smallest unit of health and that to speak of the health of an isolated individual is a contradiction in terms.