First Garden Meal of the Season and Recipes for Farmers' Market Finds

Kalecoralmushrooms We had a our first family farmed meal of the season last night with our own garden grown Red Russian kale, foraged coral mushrooms, and oyster sauce all stir fried together with garlic and oil. It was tasty. I've never been a huge kale fan but the key for my taste seems to be really cooking it well. The Yellow Coral Mushrooms I harvested are listed as fairly good to excellent in my mushroom book but it does note that they have mild laxative effect on some people. We found them tasty with no side effects. Mo Bereiter sells the coral mushrooms at Spokane area farmers' markets.

Next up on our garden harvest; lettuce and peas.

Eating Well has a a series of recipes to use with your finds from the Farmers Market if you're looking for inspiration.