Renewable Energy Less Than 1% of World Energy Production

Euan Mearns at the Oil Drum has put together a couple of helpful charts that illustrate the current status of renewable energy production. Ironically, BP's annual worldwide energy survey provides the data.

This first chart shows the rapid growth in renewable energy production (wind, solar, geothermal).


The rapid growth of wind power is impressive until you see the other chart below where renewables are such a small sliver of world energy production that they are barely visible.


Looking at these charts, it's hard not to a get a little apocalyptic about a future with constrained supplies of fossil fuels. Not quite time to buy that Mad Max leather jacket, but maybe time to do a little window shopping.

The BP report is worth scanning through. They may not do well with deepwater oil wells but they sure do put together a great report on world energy. Click through for more charts and data from BP's world energy survey.

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Mearn's charts appear to leave off ethanol. The BP report shows the growth in ethanol production;

Here's their world map showing per capita energy consumption.