Food Advice

My participation last week in the KSPS show, Health Matters, was a great experience. I loved being introduced as a "food blogger." Introducing yourself as a pastor is such a conversation killer, so the show has inspired me to officially make the transition from Pastor Craig to Food Blogger Craig. Stay tuned for business cards. :)

Leading up to the show I did some reflecting about what I might have to say regarding health and food, and by the time I arrived at the studio I had some pretty elaborate answers in mind. But the nerves and immediacy of being on the spot in front of cameras was clarifying - any contribution would need to come in the form of simple sound bytes. My PHD dissertation on food and health would have to wait for another day.

I was actually grateful for these constraints because it forced me to distill my perspectives on food down to a few simple things;

Grow your own food. If possible, invite kids to be part of the process.

Hang out with farmers and buy food at the farmers' market.

Try new and different fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eat seasonally.

After 500 + blog posts, those are the four simple bits of advice that came to mind.

What about others - if you were forced to distill your perspectives on food down to a couple of simple bits of advice, what would you recommend?