"Food In Jars" Blog a Helpful Online Companion for Canning Summer's Bounty

Foodista,the aspiring wikipedia of cooking, is featuring Food In Jars as their food blog of the moment. I recommend it as a good one to go to and learn about the experience of home canning, with one caveat - don't use the site's recipes unless they are cross referenced as scientifically tested recipes from Ball or So Easy to Preserve.

The blog seems to be well informed and the author even teaches canning classes, but I get a little nervous when I hear things on the blog like, "Sometimes, making pickles is so easy that it doesn’t even require a recipe." The author is speaking from the understanding that the general rule of thumb for pickling is to use half vinegar and half water for the brine. This is true, but what I fear is that someone who is less informed about home canning might just leap to the assumption that recipes aren't important, and that home canning is a great opportunity to improvise with a culinary flourish. The most important lesson from my Master Food Preserver course is to strictly follow the recipes from sources using scientifically tested recipes. Any time low acid vegetables are involved, don't mess around.

With that being said, the site looks engaging and motivational. Go check it out.

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