Happy Meal News: McDonald's + Ant Farm = Art and A Happy Meal Is Forever

Ants fast food picture: Richard Perry, New York Times

Artist, Elizabeth Demaray, has put together some unlikely eco-art titled “Corpor Esurit, or we all deserve a break today," currently on display at Exit Art Studio in New York. Pictured above,forcing the ants to live off happy meals for a month is supposed to be a commentary on the way the food chain suffers under our fast food habit. The ants are cooperating (and mostly dying) but some scientists aren't cooperating with the cutting edge eco-art vibe. Read about it here.

In other Happy Meal meets artist news, photographer Sally Davies is 140 plus days in her project to take a picture every day of a McDonald's Happy Meal until it decomposes. If past efforts are any indication she may want to specify someone in her will to carry on the project after she dies. Back in March, Nonna Joann, at the Baby Bites blog, celebrated the first birthday of a happy meal she purchased and it was still going strong. Then of course there was the woman with the 12 year old unchanged Happy Meal burger.

But Morgan Spurlock's experiment from Super Size Me had different results, with nasty fungus on the Big Mac and Filet-o-fish althought the fries were unchanged. I think it might have something to do with moisture and condiments. If you dry out any food it will last a long time. If you tie up a happy meal in a plastic bag it will go nasty. Maybe someone needs to put all of this to rest and do a control experiment on several happy meals under different conditions. Maybe that can be a Year of Plenty contribution. And then when it's over we can put the remains in the chicken coop and call it art.