It's Time to Update Spokane County, Spokane Valley and City of Spokane Backyard Chicken Ordinances

There have been years of informal rumblings about problems with ordinances for people who want to keep chickens in residential areas in the Spokane area. The increasing popularity of backyard chickens and chicken coop tours has intensified the problem and it appears that the time may have arrived for residents to do something about it.

A resident of Spokane Valley has been put on notice because her property size does not meet the city's prohibitve requirement of having a very large lot in order to keep her chickens. She wrote a letter to the city council and they brought it up at their meeting last night and have referred it to the planning commission.

KREM news will run a story on the evening news tonight about the problems with the ordinance in the Valley and more broadly the problems with the County Ordinances, which don't allow chickens in residential neighborhoods at all, and the City of Spokane where the required distances of a coop from property lines and buildings are unreasonable.

I was interviewed for the story and it has spurred me to initiate some grassroots organizing to help with the effort of updating ordinances.

I've created a very basic Facebook page for people to "Like" and be in the loop on development. You can also email me at the link to the write if you'd like to be added to an email list. Make sure to let me know if you're in the County, Valley, or City of Spokane.

I've spoken to folks at Aslin Finch and Purina and they have expressed interest in helping with the cause.

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Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.