TED Talk of the Week: Falling In Love With Farmed Fish

This is a an engaging, informative presentation by chef, Dan Barber. He says 90% of the wild fish populations we love have collapsed. Like it or not, farmed fish is our future. He talks about the feed-conversion ratio, which is the amount of inputs to a fish farm needed to produce the fish for market. The feed conversion ratio of farmed tuna is 15 to 1, meaning that it takes 15 lbs of wild fish fed to the tuna to produce 1 lb of tuna for market. He talks about a short-lived love affair with a sustainably farmed fish that had a feed-conversion ration of 2.5 to 1, but once he found out that they were being fed chicken as a "sustainable protein," the affair was over. He then goes into detail about a fish farm in Spain that is completely self-sustaining, where no inputs are needed to produce the fish for market, and it tastes great. It's a farm that "doesn't feed its animals." It's also become the most important private bird sanctuary in Europe.