When Foodies Go Bad - Backyard Chicken Bloggers Turned Bank Robbers

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PJC over at the DTE version of this blog brought this story to my attention about two accused bank robbers that also happen to be eco-bloggers who dubbed themselves the "Urban Survivalists". They blogged about green living, backyard chickens, and canning applesauce. They say of themselves;

We have been a couple since 2006! We work together on most things in our life and like it that way. Since moving to Portland, we have had a lot of time to explore our interests and have been having a lot of fun developing a more sustainable home.

They sound like my kind of people, other than that whole bank robber, shooting guns into the ceiling part. The Pastor in me knows that there is some very sad tale of drugs or financial hardship that led them to this point so I'll resist the urge to pile on.

I do want to respond to PJC's concerns and assure him that while my interests on this blog are nearly identical to Portland's Bonnie and Clyde of eco-bloggers, I won't "get any crazy ideas."

Don't forget that there will be a meeting this Wednesday to help change backyard chicken laws in Spokane County. Let's all agree that bank robbing will have no place in the Spokane Chicken Revolution.