UK Gardeners Start Community Garden in a Graveyard

Go watch this lovely video that offers a window into how the Incredible Edible program in Todmorden, England is transforming the city's food culture, which happens to include a community garden popping up in a graveyard (at around 4:07 in the video.) I love the commentary of the graveyard gardener at the end of the video:

I think what we're into in this sort of work isn't all the planting and that stuff. That's really good, and it's symbolically important, but it's not the core thing. It's about thinking about what we could be, and what our communities could be, and what our businesses could be. And just how we live on the we grow stuff, so we share it, so we celebrate it, we have events, and we constantly sort of tumble forward into a better future...Food is just such a lovely connecter to do that with. It's just such a lovely way in.

Tumbling forward into a better future. Amen.