Spokane Chicken Revolution Ctd. - Spokane Valley Planning Commission to Hold Meetings

It looks like Spokane Valley is out of the blocks first on revising ordinances for keeping chickens in residential neighborhoods. If you'll recall, it is legal to keep up to 3 chickens within the city of Spokane Valley but you have to have something like 10,000 square feet of property to do so. A member of the city council has taken up the cause and has initiated hearings. Here's the scoop:

The Spokane Valley Planning Commission will begin studying this issue on Thursday, January 27th at 6:00 in the evening in the Spokane Valley Council Chambers located at 11707 E. Sprague Avenue.  Please be advised that this is a study session and Commission will not be taking public comment, but will be reviewing and discussing proposed changes to the code which are being presented by staff.  You are encouraged to attend. A Public Hearing on this matter is scheduled for Thursday, February 10th at 6:00pm in the Council Chambers.  During this hearing you will have the opportunity to speak directly to the Commission about this issue.  Additionally, all comments received thus far, and up until the Public Hearing will be submitted to the Commission for consideration.

There is also an ongoing effort to make changes in Spokane County, where no chickens are currently allowed in residential neighborhoods. There is also a need to revise the City of Spokane ordinances where up to three chickens are allowed, but the current wording of ordinance is unduly complicated. Go here to join the Facebook group to stay informed for all three of these Spokane area efforts.