Spokane Permaculture Study Group to Launch on January 26 at Sun People Dry Goods

Mary Kate Wheeler is a recent transplant to Spokane from Vermont and she is initiating a study group for folks interested in permaculture and ecological design in the Spokane region. The first meeting will be held at Sun People Dry Goods - 32 W Second St Suite 200, Spokane, WA (corner of 2nd & Browne), from 6pm to 8pm and it is free of charge. Bring questions, ideas, and snacks to share.

Here's how Mary Kate describes the project:

So what is Permaculture?
Permaculture is a whole-systems approach that can be applied to design problems at any scale – from your back yard garden to a regional plan. Can you envision a living landscape that collects and cleans water, builds nutrient-rich soil, supports a variety of wildlife AND produces an abundance of food, fuel and other resources throughout the year?
Permaculture offers tools to design and create fruitful landscapes that mimic natural ecosystems. You can use permaculture design principles to increase your garden's productivity while reducing time spent on maintenance; to improve air and water quality, build soil fertility, and create wildlife habitat in your neighborhood; to gain self-reliance (and skills you can share) by meeting your own needs more directly.
Why a Spokane Permaculture Study Group?
Bringing people together for inspiration, learning and laughter – the Spokane Permaculture Study Group is open to anyone interested in investigating permaculture design principles and applying them in the Inland Northwest. We aim to build on the ideas, experiences and goals of group members. Our content will be shaped by the group and may include: videos, readings, skill-share workshops, design projects, the occasional guest speaker, whatever you want to see!
You can contact Mary Kate at marykatewheeler (at) gmail (dot) com