Spokane Chicken Revolution: Spokane Valley Passes New Law Allowing Backyard Chickens

Here's the report from last night's meeting of the Spokane Valley City Council regarding keeping backyard chickens:

Tonight the City of Spokane Valley unamously passed a Motion to Approve the raising of chickens by the residents of City of Spokane Valley! In a nutshell, this means that City of Spokane Valley residents can keep one hen per 2,000 sf up to a max of 25 hens, no roosters, and the coop has to be at least 25ft from a neighboring residence. There was only one change to the original Motion to approve, and that was, instead of saying "chickens to be rendered incapable of flight", it was revised to say "chickens to be contained within the subject property". Hopefully, the passage of this new ordinance to allow the raising of chickens in the City of Spokane Valley will assist with the passing of a similar ordinance for Spokane County.

Way to go Spokane Valley. You now have the best chicken ordinances in the Inland Northwest. The County Commissioners were supposed to bring this up last night at their meeting but I missed it. If anyone attended or saw the meeting last night, let me know what was discussed. 

If you're interested in being a part of an ongoing movement to allow chickens in Spokane County go here to become a friend of our Facebook page.