New Eggzy Website Maps America's Backyard Chicken Flock Egg Production

I'm intrigued by a new beta site called Eggzy. Much like some yardsharing sites that map available plots of land for growting food, this site invites backyard chicken owners to register their flocks, to track production, and to match egg buyers with egg sellers. The most intriguing aspect of the site is tracking production. I would love to see how productive backyard chicken flocks are compared to concentrated industrial methods. Is it possible that a dispersed grassroots production model for eggs could be more productive? Is it possible that a new community ethic of local, small-scale egg production could compete with the big chicken houses? This site will help answer some of those questions.

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The site is still very new and the stats page has some questionable data. They are mapping egg production by breed and claim that Australorps are the best producers at 1.81 eggs per week, but a healthy laying hen will deliver up to 5 eggs a week. I'll be interested to see how it is fine tuned over time.