Cancer Update: I'm back in the hospital getting chemo number 2 of 6. Feeling good so far. It's been a day of serendipities.

1. It turns out my nurse for the day read my book and is a fan. She said, "I've never met an author before." I think that was God's way of strengthening my immune system for the 101 hours of continuous chemotherapy. Nothing like a little ego boost to to get your white cells fired up.

2. The winning pitcher in tonight's World Series, Jon Lester, is a Lymphoma survivor. This could either mean I have a future in Major League Baseball or I've got a good shot at beating this. I'm open to both possibilities. 

3. Sacred Heart hospital just launched a new computer system called "EPIC" and my cancer regimen is called "EPOCH". I'm thinking this points to the totally epic new epoch in my life post cancer diagnosis.

4. Unfortunately, a beloved member of our church, Bob Sheppard, had a heart attack on Sunday morning and is in the ICU here at Sacred Heart. He and his family are literally about 50 steps away from my chemo cave. (With the help of the elevator.) 

One of the challenges of being sidelined by cancer is that I've been unable to provide pastoral care to some families in our church in the midst of major crises. It's a strange blessing to know I will be able walk closely with Bob and his family this week in their time of need. It's amazing how caring for others puts your own trials in perspective. 

They might need to add another letter "P" to my chemo regimen. 

Oncovin (vincristine)
Hydroxyldaunorubicin (doxorubicin)


Praying for others in need

Let's just call it PEPOCH.

In another related serendipity, Pop-tarts also begin with "P". I've improvised them into the treatment. This is my version of holistic/alternative medicine. 

5. And the final serendipity is that I finally opened all the cards from friends and family and I got to behold the card from the Comellas. See the attached picture. They say your hair comes in different after chemo. I'm rooting for the lower left Keith Richards look.